Friday, February 03, 2012

Project #WholeHeart2012

My students at Georgetown are doing a class project called #wholeheart2012.

How to participate?

Excited about all things Valentine's Day? Tell us your love stories with #WholeHeart2012. Lovelorn, or just over it? Share with #HalfHeart2012.


Share your #WholeHeart2012 or #HalfHeart2012 stories with us and we will wine & dine you! Join us @WFMFoggyBottom from 5-7pm on 2/12/12 for the Wine & Dine event.

Tweet @WholeHeart2012 when you arrive @WFMFoggyBottom for Wine & Dine, show our #wholeheart2012 reps & get a specialized wine glass for FREE

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