Monday, July 25, 2011

An Evening Out - Citronelle

Every now and then it is good to dress up and go out to a nice restaurant. It is a break from the mundane. The outing allows you the chance to show off that new dress or a new suit that you bought but did not have the occasion to wear it out.

I had some guests from Boston and Orlando come into town, and they are a little bit more serious when it comes to eating and blogging about it. One of the places that they really wanted to go to was Citronelle in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Sometimes when you go out to eat at a nice place you can feel a little out of place but here that wasn’t the case, we were offered a section that allowed for privacy but we were not hidden way and a complete view of the kitchen. The service was impeccable and I have always thought that no matter how good the food is, if the service is poor then the whole experience gets lumped into being a bad time. However, here we were treated above and beyond what I was expecting.

The group and I were offered a tour of the kitchen after our meal, and I was introduced to the Sous Chef that prepared my meal. It was interesting speaking to him about how my meal was prepared and cooked. Though Michel Richard was in the Kitchen at the tasting table we chose not to bother him because he was there having dinner with his family. Over all an amazing experience.

Here are some pictures:

Amuse bouche

Mosaic–"surf & turf"

Egg Symphony


John Dory - vegetable pearls, carrot - coriander emulsion

Veal - Black Angus steak, sweetbreads, morel sauce


Petits fours

Jolie Pomme

Creme Brule

Kitchen tour – Sous Chef how meal was prepared – that is Michel Richard in the background

Michel Richard Citronelle
3000 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

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