Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Internet Cooking Network, Krazy Good Food TV, Looks to Find Chefs

Krazy Good Food TV is launching its second season in production on March 21, 2011, and is calling out to dedicated home cooks and chefs to share their talent and passion for food on their community-driven, food Internet network. In addition, Krazy Good Food TV is looking for organizations who would like to sponsor programs on the network with 30 second video commericals that will appear before, during and after their daily programming.

Krazy Good Food TV launched to offer passionate food enthusiasts an opportunity to share their love of food and cooking. Jill Miller, managing partner of Krazy Good Food TV, wants to reach out to this community and invite hungry viewers to share in the succulent food experience they will broadcast twenty-four hours a day.
"Not everyone has the opportunity to have their own programs on television. That doesn't mean that they are any less talented than those who are on television, or other outlets. Krazy Good Food TV was created to give these people, including myself, an opportunity to share what they love with other people who are interested in cooking and food,” says Miller, managing partner.
At the beginning of their second season, Krazy Good Food TV continues to push forward with programs featuring Jill Miller in Comfort Cuisine, Francesca Madia in Kitchening with Francesca and Kathleen Henderson in Tomato Happy Hour. However, the team is currently looking for talent to fill their daily broadcast schedule. Potential hosts need only their culinary prowess, baking expertise or quick and delicious party platter tips along with their sincere approach to, the star of the network, food.
Companies interested in advertising with Krazy Good Food TV can contact the Krazy Good Food Network online at Krazy Good Food TV is offering 30 second video spots to place ads before, during and after the regularly scheduled programming. 30 second slots have a minimum buy at $500 per 30 second ad placement. Krazy Good Food TV also offers 250x209 and 234x60 placement ads on their website for $100 and $50 per month.
Krazy Good Food TV is partnered with Blosme, LLC, which handles all technical needs, Veetle, which acts as video streaming partner and Magnitude Studios, LLC, which handles editing and production work.
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