Friday, July 23, 2010

Tony Bourdain goes to India : No Reservations WOW ! Fish Head Curry brings back memories


On Monday the episode of No Reservations shows Chef Anthony Bourdain in India. As some of my readers know I used to be a chef and one of the best curries we had in the kitchen was the fish head curry. After the butchery chef filed the fish for consumption by guests the fish ehad an dbones were used to make a lip smacking fish head curry. I am glad that this fish head curry is mainstream in Kerela and Tony bourdain got to taste it .

I was lucky to see a preview of Monday’s episode of No Reservations that starts off in Cochin, Kerela in India. You will also be thrilled by a brief talk about the Malayalam film industry in Kerela with Super hero Mamooty. Did Tony really say he was fascinated by Indian films? Wow even after all these years I was so thrilled to see the behind the scenes of Mammooty’s trailer on the film set and the lunch that he eats.

What a coincidence that today I had a Indian dish at home for lunch which included mango just like in the episode.See the trailer of the episode below. I was so excited to hear the statement that 'Toddy shops have the best food" I should know - my bus stop where I took the public bus to school was called Ashoknagar Toddy Shop . I would definitely watch this episode.

I like the fact that No Reservations goes after the authentic behind the scenes and lunching with Mamooty in his trailer was a coup.

Also take a look at the No Rreservations crew Blog and see how they packed for India. One day I am going to be on a trip with Anthony Bourdain along with my friend and Indian Chef & TV  SuperStar Sanjeev Kapoor

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