Friday, January 22, 2010

Monday Jan 25th episode of No Reservations : Where is Chef Bourdain going ?

Ok Folks have you read the “Kitchen Confidential” ?  Tune-in Monday, January 18th, at 10 E/P to see Anthony Bourdain go to Brittany, France on No Reservations.

I always take pics of food porn but “pork porn” ?

Here is the scoop on what you will find in this episode:

Tony's trip begins with a stroll (or you might say sprint) through a farmer's market with chef Olivier Roellinger. In Tony's words, "To describe him as a chef is insufficient". His past includes a tragic story of being beaten, left for dead, and in a coma for weeks, beforethen having to teach himself how to walk again. Now, over 30 years later, he has made a name for himself as a chef (including being awarded 3 Michelin stars in 2006). Olivier is currently running his most recent venture, Chateau "Richeux".  This restaurant and hotel has a Celtic kitchen, exotic herb garden, apple orchards, potato farms, a tee pee, and pigs? That's right...pigs. Beautiful, clean, nice-smelling pigs (or so Tony says). I won't ruin the segment by trying to describe the "best pork porn ever", because let's face it...nobody can do that as well as Tony. I did find the conversation about "a happy animal being a better tasting animal" interesting. Do you agree?
Oh...still no Tower of Shellfish.
Next up, Tony visits Olivier's dessert shop (Grain de Vanille) in the quiet village of Cancale. I was watching this segment on an empty stomach, and I highly advise against that. Galettes Cancalese (sand cookies) and caramels au beurre sale (salted butter caramels) were a few of the items featured and they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. This will be the first place I go if I ever make it to Brittany. Sadly, no Tower of Shellfish here either.
While No Reservations is typically all about the food, I personally enjoy the off-topic segments like the shopping trip in this episode. Tony's cameraman insists that the whole crew make a stop to buy the stereotypical blue and white-striped shirt. Can't picture Tony shopping for one? "What could explain this sudden urge by masses of otherwise reasonable people the compelling need to buy a blue and white-striped nautical shirt?". You'll have to watch the episode to see if Tony's crew can convince him to wear one of these.
Ok, back to the food. Chances are if you're an oyster eater, you've heard of Belon oysters. It's also probable that unless you've been to Brittany, France you haven't had a real Belon oyster. Tony heads to the source (the Belon River) to visit Anne Belon, a fifth-generation oyster farmer. Her family was the first to farm oysters in the area. Belon oysters are among the most famous in the world due to the rich nutrients that come from the river itself. Even the dogs eat oysters here. Still no Tower of Shellfish...
Tony hits up Ty Billig Creperie for crepes that are supposedly better than those in Paris. (This was said by a Frenchman, so it must be true!). The dessert crepe at this place looks delicious.

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