Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coming soon to Rockville : Cake Dreams

I saw this sign next to Bombay Bistro in Rockville. This used to be a Frame works store and seems like cakes and cupcakes is the trend now. I myself would like Sugar free cakes ;)


Unknown said...

Beware. I had a “Cake Nightmare” rather than a “Cake Dream.” I ordered a 3-tier cake (two yellow and one chocolate) for my daughter’s birthday. The chocolate tasted fine and the design was good. The two yellow tiers, however, did NOT taste good. It appeared to be raw/undercooked; it was dry and very hard. I brought the cake back to the owner, Michele, who, after some hesitation, said that she saw what I was saying. When she was throwing it out, she paused and said, “yeah it’s not supposed to be that way.” She had clients at the time and said she would call me that next day.

When she called her story totally changed. She gave me numerous theories as to why she thought the cake was good and mentioned that I had gotten a good deal. I pleaded my case. Many of my guests also said the cake was bad, with one saying it had a consistency of a cheesecake. Another said the cake tasted old.

Michele asked what I wanted. I mentioned a commitment from her to make a very basic, 1-tier cake for another celebration, which I thought was fair given that TWO tiers were bad (with the BIGGEST tier being one of the bad cakes). She refused my suggestion and reluctantly offered me a dozen cupcakes, which was not a fair compensation, considering how much I paid for the cake (over $200) and how much of the cake was bad (two tiers). She said she’s standing by the quality of her cake. Thank God I took a picture of the cake so you can see for YOURSELF the type of quality she’s standing behind.

Click here to see the picture: http://telly.smugmug.com/Other/Bad-Cake-from-Cake-Dreams-in/BadCakeFixedNotes/804622444_t4f5p-X3.jpg

Then, you can decide if this is the quality of cake you want for your special occasion. I highly recommend that you look elsewhere for a cake. Not only did the cake taste bad, but the customer service was the worst I have ever received. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere. I wish I did.

Unknown said...

I love CakeDreams cakes! I've ordered two already and they have been AMAZING. Not to mention, they have great cupcakes that they sell daily too.. All they need now is bottled water and milk, and they will be perfect :)