Saturday, October 24, 2009

#poptech Eating to reduce your carbon footprint

In a great presentation Michael Pollan ( gave some great tips to help reduce the carbon footprint:

- Eat locally grown produce, organic produce shipped across the country has a larger carbon footprint
- Grow vegetables at home
- Cook at home and eat less outside
- Have family meal times and eat at the table together with the family.
- A vegan in a Hummer has a lighter carbon footprint than a meat eater in a Prius
- A burger takes 26 oz of oil and 13 lbs of fuel to make
- change the food bills in the US legislature not to focus so much on corn

Vegetable Lasagna (local organic vegetables smothered in a basil pesto sauce) from 10 Bayview Landing, Camden, ME 04843 (207) 230-0555

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marketing misfit said...

If only I didn't love meat as much as I do, these tips would move me into some action! Your carnivorous friend, Mayra