Friday, April 24, 2009

Must See My friend and India's well known chef Sanjeev Kapoor on Rachel Ray Show today 24th April

I did not see a way to embed the show  but here is the URL > Sanjeev is a buddy from a long time and is host of India's longest running cooking show "Khana Kazana"

The Rachel Ray show web site calls him the "Rachel Ray of India" and a few years ago many called Sanjeev kapoor 'The Martin Yan of india". Last year Sanjeev Kapoor was in Washington DC and I did an impromptu interview of him using QIK and asked him when he will appear on US TV. Seems like that dream has come true. Congrats Sanjeev Kapoor.


He has written several books on food and oversees a great range of Indian spice products which I have used. In case my readers did not know I was a chef and a collague of Sanjeev many moons ago soon after college in India. So my recommendation is from experience. Check him out at the Rachel Ray web site or his own website ( A Network Solutions customer )

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