Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whole Foods I like you


Today as I was looking for a birthday cake for my daughter, I chose

 image the fruit cake and then realized the problem . There is no way to write anything on top of this, The guy at the counter comes up with a impromptu idea. He takes a cookie and writes on the top if that and places it very nicely on this fruit cake. Now that's making the customer happy.

In any service business there are exceptions and if the institution is rigid then it soon fades away. Empower your employees to take decisions that will enable customers to stay with you and become your raving fans.

Why I like whole foods:

  • Enjoy the food samples
  • Like the health food concept
  • Some of the food items that are only available at Whole Foods
  • Nice and friendly staff

Now do I pay more , I don;t think so, for the run of the mill kind of grocery we go to Costco and go to Whole foods for exclusive items. We are not in there every week but maybe once a month or so.

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