Sunday, December 14, 2008

How can restaurants grow sales in this economy?

Noah Glass CEO of GoMobo asked this question on LinkedIn

In this economic climate, how can restaurants chart a path for calm waters or even realize growth? I'm interested in discussing your thoughts and invite you to join our upcoming webinar on this topic at:


My Answer ;

Love the concept of GoMobo. You should find a way to connect your payment with twitter :) . To answer your question:
I find a lot of restaurants are doing this wrong. Menu prices are going up and people not eating out much. This is a good opportunity for reducing the portions and reducing the menu prices o a levle where your business remains the same. I usually cannot eat the whole thing I order so always pack half to eat for the next meal. Does this sound logical?


You experts who read this blog should answer. There are very good answers from other Linkedin users about the Restaurants and the recession. How to make changes

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