Friday, October 17, 2008

Starbucks your brand destroyed by United

On my flight in the cheerful crew member let me overlook one huge operational problem that exists if you sit at the rear of the aircraft. It takes the crew almost 55 minutes to get to rows 20. How does Starbucks or United expect the coffee to be hot in a steel jug covered with a plastic cup. On both united flights my starbucks coffee was tepid. Tip has never happened on other airlines like southwest.
If i could change it i would have the purser bring a fresh pot of starbucks coffee midway during the coach service. I would also get a different container that will keep the coffee hot. Those containers have been invented. What are your ideas that United and Starbucks can implement to fix this? Would love your comments.

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Paul W. Swansen said...

Have Starbucks pull their service from United. United has enough problems as it is and Starbucks certainly doesn't need United dragging them down in this economy. Yes, the simple solution is the best, bring fresh coffee as needed. It's a simple and easy thing to do.