Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chef Vinod of Indique Heights Hosts a Onam Lunch

Onam dessert, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda.

Growing up in India you taste food from all over in India. In the US it is rare that you get the opportunity to have a very traditional meal served on banana leaves. Today's lunch was a very traditional kerela ( a state in india) meal at the house of Vinod Kottapurath Chef and Co owner of Indique Heights (FriendShip heights) and Indique.(Clevland Park). This was to celebrate Onam (

I have known VInod for many years almost 2 decades and have watched him introduce not only real tradtional Indian food but also create great fusion dishes.

At lunch today he had the help and support of his mom and extended family . See the Egullet article where she gives recipes and prep. hints for different indian breads.

The fantastic spread included kootu, sambar, rasam, papad and 3 types of Payasam, Avial with coconut rice and 2 types of banana chips or 2 types. There was no room to ask for second helping.

If you are a Indique customer I think you should ask Chef Vinod to have some special days where he can demonstrate his mastery of indian regional cuisines.

I would also love to know your experiences in Indian cuisine. What was the best meal you have eaten and where?


jcnemecek said...

Sounds amazing!

JC said...

I love Indique and am also a big fan of The Delhi Club in Arlington. But for some reason, the very first time I went to an Indian restaurant in the US stands out as the best...I believe it was at the Bombay Peacock Grill out in Maryland somewhere. I didn't know most of what I was eating (it was a buffet) but I loved all of it and was hooked.