Friday, August 08, 2008

Ordered a Papa John's Pizza Online

Why does this warrant a blog post? Well, the reason we are ordering this Pizza from Papa John's is that they have a Whole Wheat crust pizza and that's pretty much what we eat in breads nowadays. I liked the online ordering experience. using Google I got a few coupons that got me $5 off the price. Here is what I liked about the  ordering process:

a) Very user friendly. Very easy to add and remove toppings. you can add toppings to any half or to the whole pizza.

b) They conveniently calculate the tip for you.

c) They calculate the nearest store

What I didn't like about the process:

  • Upsell messages for magazines and netflix
  • 45 min to 55 min is a long time for delivery.

In India I ordered pizza 2 times from Dominos. Both times the order was messed up. I must give credit to the quick reaction and the way they made things right quickly. The Pizza is definitely different than the Dominos here.

I remember the Pizza hut online ordering was not as easy as Papa John's but that was many month's ago.

If the pizza doesnt arrive in the next 15 minutes I guess that's another blog post:)

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