Friday, March 28, 2008

Omni Hotel Charlotte

Charlotte Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki
132 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 377-0400

The good feeling about this hotel began when I was excited to see a online check-in option. The hotel web site also let me choose which time I wanted to check-in. I chose 11 a.m.I am very happy that Omni has this option.The most irritating thing for me is to arrive at a hotel at 11.45 to be told that i have to wait for 15 minutes for check-in at 12 noon.
Charlotte Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki

I arrive and the bellhop shows me the board where there is a room key with my name. Since the hotel is attached to a shopping mall the elevators operate with the key card only.

The room is excellent. Since everyone may not want to consume the $6 water, the Omni provides a great touch with a smaller water bottle on the house for the tired thirsty traveler.

I did not eat in the restaurant but the restaurant had setup a food sampling station for hotel guests in the lobby and the food smelled great.

The one advice I will give the Omni Management is the express check out tells you to go to the reception and put the room key cards into a box. Most travelers going to the airport would prefer to take the elevator all the way to Motor Lounge to get a Taxi, now having to go to the lobby to drop your card off is a extra step that can be avoided. The hotel should provide a box next to the Bell desk where the key cards could be dropped.

Not withstanding this the hotel si excellent. If you want to take a quick tour of the downtown area , just grab a "Gold Rush" trolley for free right outside the hotel and take a 24 minute tour.
Charlotte Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki

The square outside the hotel has some good statues and decorations.
Charlotte Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki

Charlotte Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki

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