Saturday, February 02, 2008

Indique Heights - Lunch In a Box

Indique Heights, 2 Wisconsin Cir., Chevy Chase, 301-656-4822,

I love home cooked lunches even so there are times when you have to eat out - going with colleagues or friends or even your Social Media Friends. I saw this article in the Washington Post Box Lunches at Indique Heights. Now if my Blogger friends remember we had a tweetup at Indique Heights in December and loved it. Having a ready boxed lunch is a good idea and as the writer writes the boxed lunch is sumptuous.

The three ready-to-go box lunches are bargain priced :
-The vegetarian ($6) includes saag makai( a creamy spinach and corn curry}and alu chole(chickpeas cooked with tomatoes and potatoes).
- Chicken tikka makhani ($7) includes saag makai
- Lamb makhani ($8)includes saag makai

All the lunches are accompanied by rice, nan and 3 chutneys.

I haven't heard of Lamb Makhani but I know Indique is always experimenting oops ! I should say innovative.

My only regret they are too far away. I work in Herndon. if you live or work in the Friendship Heights area you should try this sometime. Lunch boxes available daily, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(In full disclosure I know the owners who are friends from India but I have no commercial dealings with them. )


Unknown said...

Hi there. I am a huge restaurant fan and also in Herndon/Reston and I wanted to see what you think of a few of my favorite lunch spots:

1. Anseethi on Eldon (I was actually shocked you don't already have them on your list!)

2. Charcoal Kabab (in the KMart mall on Eldon)

3. Warka Ethiopian Restaurant, tucked away off Spring just next to the Fairfax County Parkway ramp.

And I agree that it is sad that the Saffron Grill has closed, it was my fave spot. The lamb shank special on Wednesdays was amazing.

Shashi B said...


Thanks for the suggestions. I have Angeethi on my list. I have tried the Charcoal kabab and its very good. Warka is a place i havent heard and will definiteyl try and review it soon.


LYF108 said...

I LOVE Simply Grill in Reston, but I tried to go there the other day and it was closed! I don't know if they moved or what...such a shame. Awesome Afghan food...