Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Angeethi Restaurant Herndon VA

645 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 796-1527

I tried this as it was highly recommended by a commenter in the previous post. The ambience is very aithentic Indian and the first impression was excellent. They have a Lunch Buffet so no a la carte menu was offered. Service was very attentive and the waiter looked happy. They give you the nan bread on the table thats a great thing as the "nan" can get dried up if placed on the buffet.

The buffet is very elaborate and has a choice of 2 soups. The Dal soup was very thick. I would have preferred it slightly more liquidy and we went at the beginning so the thick consistency was not due to it being on the buffet at a long time.

The food looked very good. I enjoyed the meal and the 2 desserts. The biruyani could have been a bit less oily . Another thing they could have corrected is not to have "chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken" on the buffet and had at least one other meat. The vegetarian choice is excellent.

I would give this a 4 score over 5.

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Unknown said...

We had a party of 6, spent over $200, and they had the audacity to enforce a 20% surcharge when they gave us miserable service. The waitress was unattentive since her shift ended and she was interested in going home. Also, the drinks were very weak - they charged us $8.50 for Johnnie Walker Black Label when they only put in a spoon of liquor. On top of that, we ordered several pina coladas - which had no coconut in them. Never going back again, wouldn't recommend it. Go anywhere but here.