Monday, January 21, 2008

Nitpicking Panera in Germantown

Panera Bread
(301) 515-5777
19820 Century Blvd, Germantown, MD 20874

I love Panera . They have the right attitude. Food is always good and they have free wireless. Now the point of this post is to nit pick on one thing that Iam not even sure they did wrong. Yesterday I chose a Tomato soup and a half sandwich as part of the 'Pick 2 menu" . When the food was ready the soup cup had overflown and the tray was messy. Now I did notice that before I picked up my order but the cup was still full - so it was not like the quantity had reduced. Probably the only inconvenience was the wet tray mat and napkins.

Now why am I writing this post. Sometimes you want the people you love to be perfect and that goes for Panera too. Dont stop visiting Panera.

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