Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tom Siestma's Washington Post Dining Guide

It is probably from my previous avatar as a chef that I am always thrilled to see the Washington Post Dining Guide. No one can accuse Tom Siestma of focusing on upscale restaurants only but if he did it would still be Ok . I would rather know ahead of time about a place I am spending more money at. I will however say he has a Washington DC bias - 30 of the top 50 are in DC.

The only Indian restaurant in the review is Rasika ( Same owner as Bombay Club). I would have liked to have seen PassagetoIndia and Indique on the list.The only neighborhood restaurant is Bob's Noodle 66 which we will plan to visit.

Thai and Japanese seem to have overtaken Chinese and Indian cuisine. Is that the trend or it is Tom's personal preference ?

In any case the Washington Post does a great job with the dining guide. Chefs of restaurants newly featured please wake early to cater to the hordes who will come with the Post Dining Guide in hand. Bon Apetite.

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