Monday, February 12, 2007

Pho 99 - its become a habit

In my heart I am feeling that I am going on a Pho diet. Not sure which category this falls in, atkins, southbeach, carbless, carbmore, carnivore - what ever. Of the past few weeks I have been on a Pho 99 diet. In winter I highly recommend a good bowl of vietnamese soup thats hot and steaming.

I order the No 17 which is chicken- As I order this the waiter makes sure he tells me the stock is beef . I don't jump back and tell him thats Ok with me. One of the days I should ask him if they have another stock . This restaurant in the clock tower , Centerville road, Herndon, right next to Minerva.

I have not seen a line to get in there and I always feel healthy walking out. I am told on good authority ( that of my boss - Bill ) that the rice/ noodle dishes here are also good. They come with a spring roll cut and garnished on top.

the Pho soup is served with bean sprouts and basil leaves with slices of halapenos. The soup does not require any further seasoning. If you are adventurous you can add the chilli sauce. Be warned that in a pho soup the chill seems to settle at the bottom so the last few spoons may make it more spicier.

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