Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nordstrom Cafe

The service at Nordstrom is legendary. I have heard a tale where a Nordstorm customer returned a a set of tires and they were gracefully accepted- and Nordstorm does not sell tires. Whether this story is true or notthe very fact that I have heard it and am pasing it along to you speaks of how word of mouth is good publicity.

Very few people know that Nordstorm is in the food business too.The Nordstrom Café is a tiny café within the store at Montgomery Mall. The menu is small and appropriate andthe staff are very friendly. We ate She Crab Soup, Chicken and Sun Dried TomatoPanini and Grilled Atlantic Salmon. The food was very tasty and reasonably priced for such upsacel fare.

A good indication of how well the staff are trained is their reaction to special requests. The waiter did not blink and eye and brought a jug of hot water to warm up the milk for my new born.

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